Thursday, September 14, 2006

iTunes 7.0 - Cover Flow Fun!

Simply put iTunes 7.0 is the biggest update to iTunes since it was first launched way back when. Everything looks a lot slicker (unless you're on an ancient graphics card, in which case things will look rather funky). My favourite new feature is Cover Flow. iTunes has always had the feature to embed and display album cover art but they've taken it to a whole new level with iTunes 7.0. Cover Flow, bought from Steel Skies, basically allows you to browse your collection in a much more hands on manner, flicking through your album art until you find an album you like. It might, or might not be a better way of browsing through your library but whatever it's very gratifying to see your music displayed with it's associated artwork, presented much more beautifully than before.

Music & Video bought in the newly renamed iTunes Store will obviously come with artwork embedded. iTunes Cover Flow will also automatically go and look for your missing artwork (with some success, although some bands with similar names might end up with the wrong covers, Savoy for instance). This is great for all those CDs you imported into your library. If the automatic search isn't successful then you can, as before, add custom artwork lifted off of the net (good old Amazon!!). There's a whole new project now for me to embark on, getting album art for all of my songs.

Finally does anyone know why Apple have changed the look of iTunes from a green tint to a blue tint?


History of the iTunes logo


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