Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Mighty Nokia N93

First up, this is a big big phone. So big in fact, that you can only just get away with stashing it in your jeans pocket. There is a reason for the size though - it does a lot of things, most of them very well indeed.

1. Phone
2. Text
3. Email
4. Web Browsing (no, not like Opera mini, think Safari!) via Wireless G or GSM, etc.
5. Video recorder (full 640x480 with 48khz stereo, 30fps MP4)
5b. Video player, including H.264, same as iPod
6. Still Camera (3.2mp with 3X optical zoom
7. Radio
8. MP3 and AAC player
10. Document viewer and editor (MS and Acrobat)
11. Video calling
12. Games machine (with full 3D acceleration)
13. TV out (PAL and NTSC, works will all apps and functions)
14. Calendar, Diary, DoTo, etc. etc.
15. Voice recorder
16. Torch

The most impressive features, the reason why I love this big beauty, are the wireless web browsing and the video recorder, both of which work (almost) flawlessly. The still camera is not quite up to the same standard but still 'good enough' for my needs. One other point of note is just how bright the screen is, it's very bright! To think that these kind of features will become part of all phones sometime before the end of 2008 is quite amazing and probably spells the end of most other devices. Having said that, I guess that the other devices will just have to stay two steps ahead. So perhaps these feature rich phones spell the end of low end devices.


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