Thursday, September 07, 2006

Apple iMac now with Intel Core 2 Duo and 24" screen

Apple - iMac Range

Appled slipped the newly updated iMacs out without so much as a whisper. So here they are the new improved iMacs with Intel Core 2 Duo chips and now available with a 24" screen.

The best desktop pc just got better!

The Mac Mini also got a speed upgrade too. The Core Solo model is no more and the high end Mac Mini now sports a 1.83GHz Core Duo. It's now only £400 to get the new 'low-end' Mac Mini. That's a very tempting price indeed!

Surely the MacBook Pro will get the Intel Core 2 Duo sooner rather than later!? It's not a heat issue that's for sure since the Core 2 Duo is slightly cooler running than the Core Duo. Expect an announcement soon.


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