Friday, August 11, 2006

Zero Sugar Dr Pepper

Diet soft drinks are all the rage, that is of course unless you think they're disgusting. Back in the old days (last year) if you wanted a sugar free Coke or Coke brand drink you'd go for the Diet version. Welcome to the modern age, when choice is everything and taste is nothing.

Here's the low down on Coke Zero (and the other Zero products) as found on Yahoo Answers:

"Diet Coke - Although it came out two years before “New” coke, diet coke that we’ve enjoyed since the 80s is the sugar free form of new coke. In other words, it’s based on the formula for the “New Coke” that wasn’t released yet (it debuted in 1985) when Diet Coke hit the market (1983), and is also now no longer available. (the New coke). Coca Cola has no plans at this time to discontinue the aspartame based Diet Coke, as it is third in the soda market. (After Coke and Pepsi, respectively.)

Coca Cola Zero - Sweetened with aspartame and acesulfame potassium., the reason this is different than Diet Coke is Coca Cola Zero is a sugar free version of the Classic Coke formulation. In other words, this is meant to be a sugar free version of the red cans of Coke you know and may or may not love. It has a redder, deeper color close to the color of Classic Coke and tastes far less like a diet soda (by many accounts) than Diet Coke."
Ok so that's the technical aspect to it all but how does it taste? Well I've already tried Coke Zero and it tastes better than Diet Coke that's for sure yet the same is not true of Dr Pepper Zero.

Simply put... it's like Dr Pepper but less sweet and with a pretty gross after taste. Really you start off thinking "hmmm this is ok" then end up thinking "ugghhh"!

This whole removing sugar from sugary drinks is a false economy in my opinion. If you want a healthy drink then buy water or juice. Otherwise just go for the plain old high sugar fizzy pop that you know and love.

"Zero Added Sugar - Great Taste" Who are they kidding!?


At 6:28 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, but sometimes i am tired of water and just want a soft drink yet i am not willing to take in all of those unnecessary calories. So aspartame is my savior. I can drink diet soda, fix my craving and not have a million calories and grams of sugar. I have enjoyed Coke Zero as well too. Havent tried the Dr Pepper one yet but after your post, doesnt sound like i should! Have a great day.

At 9:29 am, Blogger Paul said...

I wonder how many less calories a 'Zero' brand drink has compared with the normal variety?


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