Sunday, July 23, 2006

Inbox Zero: Processing to zero

Inbox Zero: Processing to zero @ 43 Folders

If you're like me and you struggle to keep your inbox undercontrol then you'll find this article and others in this series very helpful.
The truth is that you probably can take the average email inbox — even a relatively neglected one — from full to zero in about 20 minutes. It mostly depends on how much you really want to be done with it. The dirty little secret, of course, is that you don’t do it by responding to each of those emails but by ruthlessly processing them. Is that how you thought this worked? Answering 500 emails in 20 minutes? Jeez, it’s no wonder you’re such a mess. Your cognitive dissonance is epic.
Give it a try, it's very liberating to have an inbox that reads: 0


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