Monday, July 10, 2006

Dell's Inspiron 1300 & Some Scary Facts

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I had the pleasure of spending some time (about 4 hours) this weekend checking out (cleaning up) a friend's new Dell Inspiron 1300 (that's the Dell Inspiron £349). I thought I'd pop over to Dell to take a closer look at this Dell budget beauty. While looking through the various upgrade options (no point taking any of them, the best thing about this machine is the price, increasing it make the whole thing pointless) I came to the 'Dell Scary Facts' section and I just had to share it with you all. Cracking!
Scary Facts:
There are over 100,000 viruses in existence
An unprotected PC connected to the Internet will be hijacked in under 10 minutes
Spyware infects 91% of home PCs

Well Dell... here are a few other Scary Facts that I'd like to add:

Your Dell PC comes bundled with a ton of bloatware / Adware that will take a good hour or so of your time to clear off. Think of it as pre-installed Spyware
Your Dell PC comes bundled with IE 6, making your a million times more prone to Spyware, the safe alternative is a free download of Firefox but Dell kindly don't pre-load that for you
Your Dell PC does NOT come with Windows Defender, the best anti-Spyware tool installed
Your Dell PC will run many times slower than expected thanks to all the Bloatware installed on it
Worse of all... none of the above applies if you save up a little more cash and buy a MacBook... Are you scared yet!!?!?!

All in all the Dell Inspiron 1300 - £349 is a solid little laptop. If you can get Dell to bundle the DVD-RW at no extra charge then you're on to a winner. Just make sure to get yourself some extra ram because 256mb with 64mb being used for video is no fun at all! This is throw away computing at it's best!


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