Tuesday, May 23, 2006

NeoOffice 2.0

NeoOffice is a Java based port of Open Office for OS X. The generic version of Open Office on OS X uses X11. I find that NeoOffice, being OS X native, is a lot less clunky. Even so NeoOffice is still rather sluggish, especially on my poor likkle G3. Goodnews however! NeoOffice for Intel macs is almost ready. Either way I certainly recommend it for OS X users.

Meantime here's a link to the latest Alpha 3 version of NeoOffice 2.0: NeoOffice Download for PowerPC


At 11:46 pm, Blogger James said...

We use Neo here at the office, it’s great, a bit dull but great!

At 9:15 am, Blogger Paul said...

Also £500 cheaper than MS Office.


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