Thursday, May 18, 2006

HP Compaq nx8220 Business Notebook

When HP bought Compaq back whenever it was I was worried how things would pan out. Would HP ruin what was a strong laptop product line from Compaq? Would Compaq dissappear?

After some teeting troubles we're now seeing some really solid units coming out of HP. The current Compaq NX range being an excellent example. I've seen a number of the models in this range and have been impressed. The build quality is very good, I'd put it above Lenovo and a mile above Dell. The designs are very nice too. The whole feel of these laptops is solid and stylish.

The HP Compaq nx8220 is a really nice unit. The big 15.4" WSXGA+ screen is very crisp. The metalic finish is very solid. The Pentium-M 760 chip, although not the latest Core Duo, is a very solid chip. Rounded out with 1GB of ram, 80GB of hard disk space, Wireless G standard networking, DVD writer and Bluetooth. This is a very solid product.

The HP Compaq NX8220 is an ideal power laptop for a professional or a home user.

Price Range: ~£750 inc VAT

HP Compaq nx8220 Business Notebook


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