Friday, March 03, 2006

PS3. 3 Years Too Late?

PlayStation 3: Everything We Know from
Are Sony about to choke on the PS3? Will it be the *significantly* more powerful than anything else out there?

"The driving force behind the PlayStation 3 will be the 3.2GHz Cell processor, a multi-core processor designed to handle multiple tasks simultaneously, and scale to meet the needs of each task accordingly. The graphics will be powered by the NVidia-designed 550 MHz RSX GPU, which NVidia claims will be more powerful than two GeForce 6800 Ultra video cards combined. In addition, the PS3 will have 256MB of main RAM, combined with 256MB of VRAM. The console will support TVs running in 1080p progressive scan mode, and will be capable of running sound in Dolby 5.1, DTS and LPCM. It will also have a 2.5" detachable hard drive, although little information, such as how much storage space it will offer, has been announced just yet."

Funny really, these specs sounded so incredible at the beginning of last year . . . how quickly things change - welcome to the wonderful world of high end gadgets, by the time the PS3 hits the selves in the UK it will be dwarfed by the power of a cheap Dell laptop. Dare I say, I think Microsoft might win this round? (¬_¬)


At 10:20 pm, Blogger Paul said...

The XBox 'flopped' because Microsoft was late and the PS2 had cleaned up the market. Sony did what Atari, Sega and Nintendo have done in the past. They got overconfident. Really the PS2 isn't a very powerful console, but it hit the market at the right time. The PS3 is looking like a bit of a Dodo now because the XBOX360 is on the shop shelves and in people's homes already. The XBox was much more powerful than the PS2 but late to market. The PS3 has more power than the XBox360 but will be late. In fact they might have pushed the envelope too far and risk losing the PS3 entirely. PS4 anyone?

Come to think of it Nintendo might be well placed to come in with their entirely gaming base Revolution with the XBox360 and PS3 trying to be jack of all trades.

Sony are the new Sega...?


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