Thursday, December 29, 2005

Nintendo DS

Ah, the Nintendo DS . . . I really am confused about this device, on paper it seems almost perfect, but in practice it's just dull and uninteresting. I've played about 6 games and only Mario Cart came anywhere close to being a game that I would be even half interested in playing. I just cannot understand why the DS is proving more popular than the PSP — I've played the PSP on a number of occasions (a guy at work has one) and it's very much more compelling than the DS. Both Ridge Racer and Wipeout Pure are so much more enjoyable than anything on the DS. The screens on the DS are quite frankly, poor, they are dull and hard to see in anything other than perfect conditions. Whereas the PSP screen is gorgeous and nearly always rich and colourful.

I guess ultimately public opinion will decide which machine is best. I think that if Sony could get the price down to £99 (I have no idea how they would even begin to make that possible!) then they could wipe the floor with the DS. I certainly hope that this the case, I think that Nintendo's current ethos regarding graphics is ridiculous and will ultimately be their undoing. Graphics are extremely important, video games are a new art form and the palette available to this artwork needs to continue to expand. What Nintendo are saying is this; pencil and paper is all you need to create the best artwork ever! This is no more true than saying that very basic 3D structures are all that's needed to create the best game ever. Nintendo — The level of thinking that has got you thus far will not get you to the next level! I just hope that the Revolution will offer a better gaming platform than the DS.


At 10:45 pm, Blogger Paul said...

The DS built on the Gameboy. Sony have no such heritage so things will take longer to get going for them. Also the PSP is lost in a no mans land between personal video player and all out gaming device.

Ultimately Sony will need to get the price down. Mum and Dad's can't afford XBox 360 and PSP can they!?


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