Monday, February 06, 2006

Lighting on the Cheap

I'm looking to rig up a somewhat portable, space-conscious, cheap but effefctive lighting setup for home photography. Studio lighting is uber expensive - but I'm thinking of using some halogen work lights combined with some form of diffuser.


At 3:33 pm, Blogger Paul said...

Would be useful for a video podcast too... ;-)

At 4:51 pm, Blogger James said...

Hmm, on a sunny day you could always use a system of mirrors!

At 4:53 pm, Blogger James said...

What do you have in mind, I'm intrigued.

At 10:20 pm, Blogger Paul said...

How about some million candle torches!?

At 9:12 am, Blogger M Burland said...

Well, I could use those halogen worklights, with some voil and maybe white sheets. I'm looking for a very white, bright setup. But that bright light has to be softened somewhat and I don't like direct light, unless its a warm light (ie the Sun).


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